Ice Scream: The ReMix

Rated NR

"Ice Scream", a horror/comedy, about the perverted ice cream shop owner, Ricky, who boosts declining sales by renaming his shop to "Scoopettes", and markets it as an adult ice cream store. This sleepy town's ice scream store has started serving a little more than just your typical flavors, dishing out gobs of Virgin Vanilla and Busty Buttercrunch, but wait - what's that? Eeeeek! There's an eyeball staring up from the Cherry Vanilla! The five girls, whom Ricky calls "The Scoopettes", are so hot the ice cream will never stay hard! But everyone leaves with a smile and much, much more! It becomes apparent that someone doesn't like the success that Ricky is experiencing when one of the Scoopettes is found murdered in the freezer. The killing of the girls continues one at a time and the customers find a little extra in their ice scream! Remember! I Scream, You Scream, We all scream for -- ICE SCREAM!

Film Credits

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Director: John Darbonne

Writer: Derek Zemrak

Producer: Robert Rowland

Cast: Akira Lane, Bobbi Billard, Richard Van Vleet, JoAnna, Gelusa Zaripova, Robert Rowland, Chase Oliver, Ryan Click, Kay Demartini and John Bogert

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