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8 p.m. Saturday, December 22. 2 Cents Plain, 1114 Olive Street.



If your motherboard could play hooky, this is the concert it would crash. Electroduo Hyperbubble — the self-professed offspring of kitchen appliances born with computers for brains — is the rare band that entertains at first listen. Its undeniably infectious digi-pop is rife with soundbites which resemble checkout line blips, vending machine clinks, mewing pets and microwave bleeps — all shaken up with fwaps and pows to create a sonic snow globe. And Hyperbubble's live show is no exception: Spinning snarky, deadpan stories about a love for frozen foods and for vigilante cats, this husband-wife orchestra of synths and samples will reprogram your brain, causing you to rock out with herky-jerky dance moves you never knew you possessed.