Rated NR 90 minutes

Struggling writer Zakes Abbot is driving along a rain-drenched motorway with his girlfriend Beth asleep in the passenger seat when he accidentally cuts off a large white lorry. When the lorry driver swerves violently ahead of him the truck's back panel swings up to momentarily reveal a horrific sight--a terrified young woman chained in a cage. As Tonderai explains, "He wonders, 'What the hell was that?' and then basically ignores it - and enters a whole world of hurt. Through his actions, by choosing to not get involved, it leads to a hell of a night..." Hell being the operative word because when the pair stop at a service station Beth goes missing and Zakes realises that she may have become the next victim.

Film Credits

Director: Mark Tonderai

Writer: Mark Tonderai

Producer: Robin Gutch

Cast: Guy Burnet, Robbie Gee, William Ash, Andreas Wisniewski, Christine Bottomley, Claire Keelan, Sheila Reid, Stuart McQuarrie, Annie Vanders and Rupert Procter

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