How the Fire Fell

Rated NR

In 1903 Corvallis Oregon, fanatic self proclaimed prophet Edmund Creffield gathered a flock of dedicated followers.

Mostly women, the flock devoted themselves to his teachings of following the bible in it's entirety, destroying material possessions, and shunning all non believers no matter how close. As a result. families were torn apart, angry husbands sought revenge, rumors of nudity and sex orgies surfaced, and things spiraled out of control. In 1906 the Brides of Christ cult met their dramatic and tragic demise.

Film Credits

Director: Edward P. Davee

Writer: Edward P. Davee

Producer: Kristin Marie and E.P. Davee

Cast: David Poland, Joe Haege, Maren McGuire, Brighid Thomas and Rachael Perrell

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