How Are You Doing, Rudolf Ming?

Rated NR 60 minutes

Thirteen-year-old Rudolf Ming has an almost obsessive passion for two things: film and violence. Troubled and gifted, his hobbies include expertly constructing booby traps and explosives. However, his true calling as a burgeoning filmmaker is far from child's play as evidenced by his astounding talent as writer, director, editor, composer and projectionist of an expansive collection of epic horror films. Ming is often misunderstood by his peers and the concerned adults around him. In an act of guidance, a Catholic priest, playing both father figure and antagonist, commissions a special film for a church screening. Intense and provocative, the film contemplates misfits, outcasts and the power of artistic expression.

Film Credits

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Director: Roberts Rubi-ns

Writer: Ja-nis Kalve

Producer: Antra Cilinska and Guna Stahovska

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