House of Sand (Casa de Areia)

Rated R 114 minutes 2006

Aurea is brought to the northern Brazilian town of Maranhao by her insane husband Vasco, who suffers from delusions that the barren land may be profitably farmed. A calamitous turn of events leaves Aurea, now pregnant, and her mother Maria alone in the desert in a house full of sand. They eventually find friendship and food through Massu, who lives at a quilombo (a self-sustaining society originally formed by escaped slaves). Aurea wrestles with her unhappy fate but slowly grows accustomed to the new rhythm of life in the dunes. Years pass and we find Aurea at peace in the desert, while her wild and sexually promiscuous daughter Maria lacks social propriety. Maria yearns to see the outside world and her dream is eventually fulfilled.

Film Credits

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Director: Andrucha Waddington

Writer: Elena Soárez, Luiz Carlos Barreto and Andrucha Waddington

Producer: Pedro Buarque de Hollanda, Daniel Filho, Pedro Guimarães, Leonardo Monteiro de Barros and And

Cast: Fernanda Montenegro, Fernanda Torres, João Acaiabe, Enrique Díaz, Luiz Melodia, Stênio Garcia, Emiliano Queiroz, Ruy Guerra, Camilla Facundes and Nelson Jacobina

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