Hottest/Sweetest Outdoor Beer Vendor

Saturday Corona Girl, Fairmount Park

Although it remains a mystery as to why the Lou's closest haven for pony bettors has night racing on Saturdays and Sundays and daytime racing during the week (should be the other way around, friends), one thing's for certain: Sarah Tomer, the brunette who cracks the coldies at the Corona kiosk on the walkway between grandstands, is a bombshell -- and sweet as peach pie to boot. Kitschily resplendent in a form-hugging yellow unitard, away from the shade, our girl would have plenty of reason to feel like a grilled piece of meat, what with a swarm of drunken losers surrounding her and ultraviolet rays beating down on her in the early-evening sun. But no, she serves the suds with a smile and got a bling-ass physique to back it up. Hot, hot damn.

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