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Hot Hot Heat

Combat it with cool, cool ice


Global warming is definitely a hot-button topic, and rarely do you ever hear any global-warming pros. Maybe it's the nature of heat — most people don't like to sweat. But there's one possible positive feature of the Earth's rising temperature: some cool-weather animals moving south. Now, we don't expect to see any polar bears fishing in the Mississippi any time soon (that wouldn't be good for them anyway), but the moose have already set up shop in two locations right here in St. Louis. To see these Tropical Moose, just drop by the Kirkwood Farmers' Market (150 East Argonne Drive, Kirkwood; or Creve Coeur Park (2143 Creve Coeur Mill Road, Maryland Heights), where they are serving up delicious, hot-weather snow-coney treats every day beginning at noon. A regular ol' snow cone in one of about a jillion flavors will work to cool you off when the temperatures are in the 80s, but after the mercury hits 90, you'll need to go for a Hawaiian Dream — ice cream with a snow cone! Delightful! Now, if you could only figure out a way to get yourself ensconced in ice, maybe you could ride this global-warming train out. For more information visit
May 10-Sept. 1, 2008