Hoffman Bikes Demo at Plan Nine Skates 

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Will Love, Shane Weston, Seth Kimbrough and Zack Warden of Hoffman Bikes put on a demo at Plane Nine Skates on March 27, 2010. Warden's a St. Louis native. Photos by Egan O'Keefe.
OF 25
Will Love, Zack Warden, Shane Weston and Seth Kimbrough.
Will Love and Zack Warden.
Zack Warden.
Shane Weston.
Seth Kimbrough.
Will Love does a double peg grind.
Shane Weston kept trying to nail this trick for the majority of the demo. But he really showed his talent when he was challenged to Tailwhip a scooter.
Dan, 24, of Florissant.
Will Love doesn't land a hand -- or a foot -- on his bike.
Seth Kimbrough.
Will Love.
Will Love mugs for the camera.
Signing autographs.
Zack Warden poses with a fan.
Zack Warden does a bar spin.
Cody, 15, of St. Charles.
Local Cody does a Front Bri.
Zack Warden loses the bike in mid-air.
Austin, 13, of St. Peters.
Will, 13, of St. Charles.
Brendan, 17, of Hazelwood.
Brendan soars to work on his Tuck No-Hander.
Jake, 14, of O'Fallon.
Nick, 16, of Florissant.
Will Love, Zack Warden, Shane Weston and Seth Kimbrough.