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History Lesson

No textbooks required


Conventional methods of learning history are so played. You require excitement; you crave live-action entertainment. Good thing there's the History Theatre Festival, happening from Thursday, September 4, through Sunday, September 14, at St. Charles Community College (4601 Mid Rivers Mall Drive, Cottleville). Throughout the fest twelve programs are presented at varying times, and these productions, lectures and other performances cover topics ranging from the pictured Amelia Earhart (Amelia Lives) to Joan of Arc (the Young People's Theatre of the community college presents this latter work). At 7 p.m. on Monday, September 8, you can check out "The Realization of Self Through Film," a lecture about how Hollywood movies based on historical topics deal with self-realization. Admission to each day of the festival costs $4 to $10; many programs are offered daily. To learn more, visit, and to purchase tickets, call 636-922-8233.
Sept. 4-14, 2008