Himalaya Film Festival Session 5

Rated NR


A stark reminder that peace has not yet come for those directly affected by Nepal's 11-year conflict. The film brings us the voices of those whose relatives were killed or disappeared, or who were disabled during the conflict. Suffering and pain reside in individuals and individual bodies, which we often forget under the collective 'people'. The film excavates individual stories while accompanying a traveling exhibition of A People War, which in 2007-2008 traversed the country for more than three months and was seen by more than 300,000 people. The film also reminds us that public acknowledgement of what happened is a precondition for healing.


Alampu is a beautiful and exceedingly remote village in Nepal. The majority of the settlers there are Thami people, one of the indigenous groups of Nepal. More than 90 percent of them are involved in the slate production at Alampu. This film includes technical details about the slate production in the mountainside mine, and how the slate is worked prior to distribution. In the film we see the social relationships, co-operation between the miners, and the intimacy of the mining families.

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