Himalaya Film Festival Session 14

Rated NR


A personal film about the incredible ascent, of the elusive summit of Annapurna on May 16, 2002, via a wildly committing traverse of the east ridge. From the satellite peak of Singu Chuli to the main west summit of Annapurna and back, Jean- Christophe Lafaille and Basque climber Alberto Inurrategi negotiate 10 horizontal miles of complex terrain above 24,000 feet.


Dhaulagiri, Nanga Parbat & Broad peak are 3 of the world's 14 highest summits. French alpinist, Jean-Christophe Lafaille aims to ascent all three in a period of two months. The film takes us on a dramatic and eventful journey that starts in Nepal and finishes in Pakistan while exploring the mind and soul of a devoted mountaineer.


The film captures the culture of Nepal through spectacular cinematography and interactions with locals along the way. "The intention of the film was not to hype flying although you see us flying and we talk about flying," said Michaelis. "The film is more about being immersed in the culture. The paragliders were just our vehicles for seeing the country and getting lost in it. "In the film, the pilots touch down in one tiny village after another. With each landing they are received with swarms of warm welcomes as the jagged, snow capped peaks of the Annapurna range in the Himalayas tower in the background.

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