Highlander: Endgame

Rated R 85 minutes 2000

The final battle is at hand and the fate of mankind rests in the balance. The final chapter in the HIGHLANDER saga will join two immortals: Adrian Paul, the star of the successful television series and Christopher Lambert, the man who started it all on film. These two immortals team up for the first time ever to take on the ultimate force of evil. Led by Kell, the most powerful immortal of all, a team of ruthless immortals set out on a quest to win the game at any cost. Connor and Duncan discover the rules have changed, as they encounter vicious assassins, each one possessing lethal skills in martial arts and sword fighting. To survive, one of them may need to make the ultimate sacrifice. In the end, there can be only one.

Film Credits

Director: Doug Aarniokoski

Writer: Joel Soisson

Producer: Peter S Davis and William N Panzer

Cast: Adrian Paul, Christopher Lambert, Lisa Barbuscia, Jim Byrnes and Ian Paul Cassidy

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