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He's a Hustler, Baby


Sex has been an effective motivator for...well, forever. It is certainly no secret that the rich sex lives of our nation’s leaders have played paramount roles in important decisions throughout history – so who better to provide a narrative of the more animalistic side of politics and social movements than notorious Hustler publisher Larry Flynt? In his new book, One Nation Under Sex, Flynt explores the trysts and sexual escapades that went on right inside our country’s capital and analyzes the effects these hidden desires had on public life. Flynt himself stops in St. Louis for an appearance at 7 p.m. on June 27 at his local Hustler Hollywood outpost (9802 Natural Bridge Road, Woodson Terrace; 314-428-5069), and the first 25 guests will receive a free Hustler gift bag. For more details, visit
Wed., June 27, 2012