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Hellions on Wheels


More eyes than ever are trained on the Arch Rival Roller Girls (that's ARRG for short), St. Louis' estrogen-powered, flat-track roller derby league. Now in its third season, the league boasts three home teams: the M-80s, the Smashinistas and the Stunt Devils. The season opener pits the Stunt Devils against the Smashinistas, and spectators are sure to get an eyeful as these fiery femme fatales flatten their fellow females in a stirring skate to victory. The battle begins at 7:30 p.m. at the All American Sports Mall (11133 Lindbergh Business Court; 314-487-4625). Tickets are $10 — and despite all of the tough trash talk, the events are family-friendly, so bring the kids and jeer along with the Jeerleaders. To read up on the players — who have monikers like Jenny Bonebreak, Grave Danger, Midwife Crisis and Strawberry Shortkick — and pick your favorite, skate directly to
Sat., March 22, 2008