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7:30 p.m. Tuesday, February 6. Creepy Crawl (3524 Washington Boulevard).


At a time where it seems like every punk band is trying to be the next Fall Out Boy, it's nice to see an act like San Jose, California's HeavyHeavyLowLow, which chooses to emulate late-'90s technical metalcore like Coalesce and Converge instead of, say, pop-punks Cartel. Teeming with brutal breakdowns, guttural vocals and more time-shifts than a cross-continental flight, songs such as "Eating the Porridge and Killing the Bears," from the band's Ferret Records debut, Everything's Watched, Everyone's Watching will make you want to punch someone in the face and practice guitar. Later this month, HHLL will hit the road with Thursday on this year's Strhess Tour — and if it's not the breakout band, it should at least be responsible for some broken limbs in the pit.