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Heat Up, St. Louis


In making her preparations for the single most romantic night in February, Ms. Day has already begun sashaying around in blush and rouge tones, donning her white tights with red hearts as often as possible (so basically, on a daily) and addressing love notes to all of her many suitors — SWAK, of course! To further heighten the flirtatious feel in the air, she has purchased tickets to Tango Buenos Aires' Fire and Passion, presented at 8 p.m. at Lindenwood University's J. Scheidegger Center for the Arts (2300 West Clay Street). At this lusciously seductive affair, the Argentine dance partners shall tempt and entice us from the stage with their toned, intertwined legs and passionate embraces. Woo-hoo! Things are heating up in here already! To ensure a sufficiently spicy holiday season for lovers such as yourselves, call 636-949-4433 or visit to get your fingers on some tickets, priced at $26.50 to $54.50. It'll be like our own sexy Dancing with the Stars, but live. And in the flesh.
Thu., Jan. 27, 2011