Hearts and Minds (1995)

Rated R 113 minutes 1996

This powerful South African drama is set when the apartheid government was still in control and is based on the true tale of a policeman belonging to an elite government squad who was assigned to masquerade as a supporter and infiltrate the African National Congress so he could assassinate their leaders. Fourie is the cop, and his squadron is the most notoriously racist unit of the S.A. police force; they were infamous for donning street clothes, putting on blackface make up, and driving around in unmarked cars to kill people and cause trouble to encourage fighting amongst rival groups. Although the ANC members are initially suspicious of Fourie, eventually they accept him and send him to be trained in Lusaka, Zambia and other places. They even send him to Moscow where he learns about Marxist philosophies. By the time Fourie completes all that training the conflict has ended, Mandela is released, and his squadron has split up and melted into the general populace.~ Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide

Film Credits

Director: Ralph Ziman

Writer: Patrick Shai and Ralph Ziman

Producer: Benjamin Howell and Ralph Ziman

Cast: Danny Keogh, Patrick Shai and Seputla Sebagodi

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