Heart of the Beholder

Rated R 106 minutes 2005

"Heart of the Beholder" tells the true story of a Ken Tipton who opened the first videocassette rental stores in St. Louis in during the early 1980s. When he refused to remove Martin Scorsese's controversial film, "The Last Temptation of Christ," from his stores, despite the protests of a local religious group, he found himself the target of unfounded allegations launched by a local prosecutor. The prosecutor's harassment ruined Tipton's business and eventually resulted in the breakup of his family. As it turns out, the prosecutor had been blackmailed by the religious group that had been picketing Tipton's business.

Film Credits

Official Site: www.beholder.com

Director: Ken Tipton

Writer: Ken Tipton

Producer: Arnon Manor, Ken Tipton and Jeanette Volturno

Cast: Stacie Lee Adkins, Barbara Allyne-Bennet, Carrie Armstrong, Conrad Bachmann, Priscilla Barnes, April Barnett, Roseanne Benjamin, Sarah Brown, Katelin Chesna and Stellarina Croxon

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