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Have You Herd?


Even if you’ve never owned a flock of sheep, you’ve probably encountered a border collie herding squirrels or kids or just hanging out with a pig called Babe. These fine pups are considered by many to be some of the most intelligent dogs around, but how smart are they, you ask? Make up your own mind as hundreds of dogs compete at the tenth annual Border Collie National Specialty Competition, happening Monday through Sunday (October 15 through 21) at Purina Farms (200 Checkerboard Drive, Gray Summit). Herding events take place Monday through Wednesday, agility is judged Wednesday through Friday, and obedience trials happen on the weekend. All events are free to watch and run for several hours each day. For more information about the competition, visit or call Purina Farms at 314-982-3232.
Oct. 15-21, 2007