Harsh Beauty

Rated NR 53 minutes

'Harsh Beauty' follows the lives of Jyothi, Usha, and Hira Bai, three eunuchs who live as women in India, as they struggle to find a place for themselves in a culture splintered by religion, caste and politics. Still existing as they have for centuries, the eunuchs (or Hijra) are considered the third gender, neither men nor women. Although the eunuchs are part of India's ancient cultural history, they remain largely unknown outside of the country. In a society structured by rigid social codes, Jyothi and Usha found a community that welcomed them, bringing a true sense of freedom and belonging. They, like Hira Bai, desire to live openly as women and be accepted for whom they truly believe themselves to be.

Film Credits

Director: Alessandra Zeka

Cast: Jyothi, Usha and Hira Bai

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