Happy & Humpy's Traveling Medicine Show 

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Happy & Humpy's Traveling Medicine Show took over Off Broadway March 26. The performing group, comprised of members from St. Louis' burlesque and performance art scenes, peddled its "miracle elixir." Photos by Crystal Rolfe.
OF 36
Happy and Humpy's Miracle Elixir.
Bauer plays the banjo.
Whore and Beauty Queen: Greta Torn Garters and Lola the Lowfat Vanilla Girl.
The Hayfoot Strawfoot Gospel Ensemble provided the music behind the show.
Happy von Speaknspell.
Sammich the Tramp.
Sonja and Craig Wagner (getting ready for the show).
Calamity Flair and her bayou black magic with her keeper.
Greta Torn Garters and Gigi McGregor.
Whiskey Gulch.
Whiskey demonstrates the power of the Miracle Elixir.