Halloween at Lush, Pepper Lounge, Sugar, Exo Lounge and F15teen 

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The best of Halloween costumes from five St. Louis nightclubs.
OF 37
Palin (Brittney Hargraves) and her Secret Service Protection (Kyle Walsh) at Pepper Lounge.
Courtney Garret and Brittany Roberts at Lush
Beth Gibson and Tamika Staton at Lush.
Joesphine Baker in fur and bananas at Lush!
Tammy, Brooke, Amanda and Cecilia outside F15teen.
Walter Sobchack from The Big Lebowski.
Nick Tsymberob and Amanda Lowry at F15teen.
Pooh (Caleb Watters) and the Honey Bee (Erica Schlemmel) have the same interests at Sugar Lounge.
Patrice Washington and Desiree Williams at Lush
The ruler-weilding strict nun (Christina Brand) softened for her favorite pupil (Corey Winfield) at F15teen.
Boris Sedlack and Stephanie Bolby at F15teen.
This Sugar Daddy accepted some love from the police and fire departments at F15teen.
Elsewhere in Pepper Lounge, McCain (Kevin Venegoni) and Palin (Carly Alick) were campaigning.
Matt Burton, Lauren Cates and Julie Williams at F15teen
It was Heaven Lee at Sugar Lounge.
Globetrotters Becky Edwards,"The Dunk Master" and Rainy Ossola at F15teen
Decked in delectables, Eye Candy (Rodnesha Hawkins) flaunted her goodies at Lush.
Terrance Howard and Andrea Reed at Lush
Nicholas Inabnit and Autumn Thurman at F15teen.
Brett Jackson, Tom McGann and Jim Sizemore at Pepper Lounge.
Gary Touchette, Jason Swoboda and Brian Lich
Promoter Mocha Latte who hosted Slodown’s Halloween Bash at Lush
Elvis and the 70s always did get along at Sugar Lounge
Sugar Lounge was decked out in Halloween atmosphere.
Amy Winehouse (Caitlin Huve) and the police (Christi Simon) party at Sugar Lounge.
Mike Desamero as a fourth of the Fruit of the Loom group at Sugar Lounge
GI Joe was under arrest at Club Exo.
Kimbo Slice was ready for the beat down at Exo!
Rapper Slo Down’s bunnies touch a “Blackendale” dancer’s pecs at Slodown’s Sexy Halloween Bash at Lush.  
Palin (Brittney Hargraves) and her Secret Service Protection (Kyle Walsh) at Pepper Lounge.