Haiti: Four Months After the Earthquake 

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Here on Haiti's northern coast, 150 miles from Port-au-Prince, life goes on in the country's second largest city, much as it did before last January's earthquake, and another working day has begun. Continue reading Aimee Levitt's story about a St. Louis pediatrician battling child malnutrition in Haiti. Photos by Jennifer Silverberg.
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The Presidential Palace, four months after the earthquake. Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
Street scene, Port-au-Prince.
Rubble, Port-au-Prince.
Tents and ruins, Port-au-Prince.
Tent city, Port-au-Prince.
Amputee, Port-au-Prince.
Trash-filled gutter, Port-au-Prince.
Poverty and religion, Port-au-Prince.
UN workers are a common site on the streets of Haiti.
Drainage ditches line the road in Cap-Haitian, Haiti.
At the Hospital Justinian, in Cap-Haitien, Miss Gourges measures a young girl as past of the exam to see if she qualifies for the Medika Mamba.
At the Hospital Justinian, in Cap-Haitien.
In Shada, the slums of Cap-Haitien, it's the poorest of the poor. The children at the crowded clinic there waited to see the doctor, who is only there once a week.
A young boy eats what he can in the slums of Cap-Haitien known as Shada.
The open market in the center of town in Cap-Haitien.
The open market in the center of town in Cap-Haitien.
You will often find the very well-dressed and uniformed school children in the streets of Cap-Haitien.
At the Hospital Justinian a young girl gets weighed to see if she will qualify for the Medika Mamba.
Hospital Justinian in Cap-Haitien.
A premature baby at the Hospital Justinian.
Hospital Justinian in Cap-Haitien.
A man burns old tires and uses them to create bowls at the property next to the MFK factory.
A woman sits by a cactus fence in Limbe, a country town near Cap-Haitien.
Children lined up at the fence in Limbe to catch a glimpse of the visiting American journalists.
At a peanut farm in Limbe.
At the side of the road in Limbe.