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Hair-O Hero


Long, flowing locks have been a source of male pride and alleged power throughout history, from the Biblical story of Samson the Great to the devil-locked tresses of one Glenn Danzig. In kids' storybook Super Hair-O and the Barber of Doom, Caldecott Medal-winning author and illustrator John Rocco introduces another well-coiffed character to the fold in Rocco, a young boy who believes his fiery flush of red hair gives him super powers -- and the longer it grows, the stronger he becomes. Rocco the author brings this young superhero's journey to life with a story-time reading for children (and parents) tonight from 7 to 9 p.m. at the St. Louis County Library Headquarters (1640 South Lindbergh Boulevard. Frontenac; 314-994-3300 or This event is free, and copies of Rocco's books will be sold on-site by Left Bank Books.
Tue., May 28, 2013