Gringo Wedding

Rated R 106 minutes 2007

He is looking for the woman of his dreams; she is looking for her prince charming. Thousands of miles apart, with no common language, they meet. Their friends call it a... "Gringo Wedding." In these "technology" times, with available communication beyond our dreams, giving us cell phones, faxes, e-mails and much more... even internet dating agencies... still, people are finding it harder and harder to meet the right person to connect to... someone to share life with. This story deals with two such people--thousands of miles apart--on two different continents, with two different cultures, finding love the millennium way!

Film Credits

Director: Tas Salini

Writer: Tas Salini

Producer: Ruchel Louis

Cast: Ana Lucía Domínguez, Justin Kane, Sebastian Boscán, Júlio del Mar, María Angélica Mallarino, Adriana Campos, Luis Xavier Posada, Liliana Escobar, Ana Milena Amortedui and Lucho Velazco


Gringo Wedding

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