The St. Patrick's Day Parade in Dogtown starts at noon — Irish fear no weather — but the Ancient Order of Hibernians parade is merely the centerpiece of the all-day party in the Irish quarter (Pat's opens at 6 a.m., if you're in Dogtown early). The Hibernians maintain theirs is the more traditional of the two St. Patrick's parades — it's actually on St. Patrick's Day, regardless of where in the week it falls — but everybody, regardless of national heritage, is welcome to come bounce back a few (if they're old enough) on the parade route or in the pub. The parade begins at Tamm and Oakland avenues and follows Tamm south to Manchester Avenue. Just remember two important things: Parking is rough (but it's worth it), and there's no word for "no" in the Irish language — so, what do you say to a pint? Oh, and no glass containers along the parade route. Visit for more information on the parade and a useful map that shows where public parking is located.
Thu., March 17, 2011