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Go Longhorn!


A black cowboy walks into a bar in Alton. No, that’s not the setup to a bad joke; if you’re interested in seeing some great comedy, it describes your Sunday night. Saddle up and trot on over to the Longhorn Comedy Round Up Show at the CTW Lounge (1000 Belle Street, Alton, Illinois). The eponymous Longhorn (né Vernon Davis), who describes himself as the “only black cowboy comedian” performing in the nation, takes the stage at 8:15 p.m. along with Cuttin T, his co-host. Longhorn’s biweekly comedy shows feature at least five comedians, so you’re guaranteed to see an old favorite or enjoy some fresh talent. An insurance salesman by day, Longhorn works tirelessly to promote both his own comedy and that of up-and-coming entertainers. Tickets for the Longhorn Comedy Round Up Show are $5, and these laughs are strictly for the 21-and-up set. Call 618-558-8132 or visit for more information.
Every other Sunday, 2007