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Glow with the Flow


Once upon a time, supermodels were foreign to this town. But last August, everything changed. In a possible charitable effort to help build St. Louis' haute-couture-wearing esteem, these previously unknown model creatures flocked to the city's first fashion week. Through them, word (hopefully) spread that Midwesterners aren't all frazzled discount-store shoppers who claw through fanny packs clad in acid-washed mom jeans. Now, the models have returned for more goodwill during the second Saint Louis Fashion Week. Observe these gussied-up life forms in their natural, runway habitat on Friday, March 28, at one of the week's many offerings. The Glow fashion show at 7 p.m. at Lumière Place Casino & Hotels (999 North Second Street; or 314-881-7777) showcases Macy's 2008 INC collection and Lori Coulter swimwear (pictured). And the event is hosted by international supermodels Catherine McNeil and Karlie Kloss! General admission is $45 (VIP costs $125). For more fashion week coverage, visit, and to purchase a ticket, which is also good for entrance to other events, check out
Fri., March 28, 2008