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Gimme a brake: Readers talk red-light cameras and Larry Rice



Lights Out

Glad to help: Chad, I'm tearing up my city of St. Louis red-light citation right now ["Arnold Group Challenges Red-Light Cameras," Chad Garrison]. You just saved me a hundred bucks!
Dolemite, via the Internet

A cautionary note: A-holes, how about not breaking the law? Then you won't have to worry about paying tickets. Plus, you put people's lives in danger when you do that. You only get a red-light-camera violation if the light turns red and then you enter the intersection.
Insider, via the Internet

Cameras are a small, good thing: I live in Arnold, and I am in favor of the red-light cameras. Not only have they reduced red-light incidents at the intersections where they are installed, but I've noticed an overall drop in red-light running across the city at all intersections.
Dennis, via the Internet


Just Following Orders

Show some mercy: I didn't want him to be off the plane, but I had to comply with rules and regulations ["Shoe Bomb Joke Lands St. Louis DJ in Jail," Keegan Hamilton]. I hope he doesn't get a felony for it!
Flight attendant, via the Internet


Rice Fatigue

Larry offers no solutions: When is Larry going to build a shelter in Clayton ["Another Homeless Rally Planned Without the Participation of Larry Rice," Chad Garrison]? The city spends millions of dollars and thousands of man-hours to help the homeless, but the county continues to do nothing but dump their homeless citizens on the lap of downtown. Larry is part of the problem — not part of the solution.
Tired of Crazy Larry, via the Internet

Fried Rice: Larry is a selfish dickhead who doesn't care about the homeless, only padding his own bank account. I agree with Tired of Crazy Larry: Why is he going after the city when they are the only ones doing anything to resolve the problem? You might not agree with their approach, but at least they are trying. Why doesn't he call out St. Louis, Jefferson or St. Charles counties?
Insider, via the Internet

Give Rice a break: What does the inability to place a homeless shelter in St. Louis County have to do with Larry Rice? All the Larry Rices in the world couldn't put a homeless shelter in Clayton. The city leaders would rather chain themselves to the condos they'd need to bulldoze in order to build it. Also, I'm not quite sure what the purpose is of marching on St. Patrick's. Aren't they as desperate to help the homeless as the group that's protesting? Do they have some hidden building of beds that they're not using?
Dean, via the Internet

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