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Ghost Writers


Halloween = pressure. Pressure to be novel in one's costuming — you know, to emerge for the evening's festivities looking ever-so-innovatively undead. If you prefer a more relaxed, non-competitive time — sans funny outfits — go to Duff's Restaurant (392 North Euclid Avenue; 314-361-0522) tonight when River Styx literary magazine hosts the Chance of a Ghost anthology reading. It's an opportunity to celebrate Halloween early via the spirit of the word, channeled by talented poets such as Richard Newman (who is also the editor of the mag), Jane O. Wayne, Phil Miller, Charles Guenther and Marjorie Stelmach, to name a few. The lit-fright begins at 7:30 p.m., and admission is only $4 to $5 — much cheaper than that creepy Donald Rumsfeld ensemble or sexy nun get-up you'll be renting in a couple weeks. For more information about the reading event, visit
Mon., Oct. 16