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Get into Labor


Labor Day is a confusing holiday. Are you supposed to labor? Not labor? Have a barbecue? Go into labor? Celebrate laborers? It’s not exactly clear. In honor of the upcoming day off, the St. Louis Mercantile Library at the University of Missouri-St. Louis (1 University Drive at Natural Bridge Road; 314-516-7240 or wants you to consider the final option when you check out its new exhibit, Faces of Labor: Photographic Portraits by Lee Buchsbaum and Dan Overturf. This free show opens Wednesday, August 22, and features Buchsbaum’s images of coal miners (like Father and Son, pictured) and Overturf’s photographs of people who work on the Illinois River (deckhands and bridge workers and the like). To get a good look at people who risk their lives for their jobs and who probably work much, much harder than you do, drop by the library any day of the week through Sunday, November 18 -- no word if the library is open on Labor Day.
Aug. 22-Nov. 18, 2007