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Get Down and Dirty


Oh, dirty, dirty dirt. We feverishly rinse you off our vegetables, we wipe and wash to prevent you from settling in our homes, and we even keep our precious pups from rolling in you (as much as possible, that is). But even with all of these efforts, your ubiquitous presence ever haunts us — and somehow we still don't know that much about you! What are you made of? Where did you come from? What do you have against cleanliness? These and other questions will be answered during a screening of Dirt! The Movie at 7 p.m. at the Missouri History Museum (Lindell Boulevard and DeBaliviere Avenue; 314-746-4599 or Directed by Bill Benenson and Gene Rosow, this film explores dirt's components and how tampering with the stuff — as humans are wont to do, with our farms, mines and cities — affects more than just the ground on which we walk. Attending the screening of Dirt! is free, and the film is followed by a discussion at the museum and a reception at the Royale (3132 South Kingshighway Boulevard).
Thu., March 11, 2010