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Get Born Again


Because of an obvious hip-hop influence, poetry slams often lack a hardcore or punk-rock element. Slam poets have fallen into the MC or rapper role for the past decade or so, keeping the angry punks on the outside of an already-outsider art. But those about to rock and/or roll will want to check out the Get Born poetry reading at Duff's Restaurant (392 North Euclid Avenue; or 314-361-0522) at 5 p.m. sharp this evening. The event celebrates the second issue of Joseph Sulier and Joe Wetteroth's Get Born Poetry Zine, and readers include the zine creators and local rockers Ben Smith and Don Beasley of Corbeta Corbata, as well as Ashley Murphy and Mathieu Paul. Admission is free, but bring some cash to purchase a copy of the magazine.
Mon., April 9