Gestation (Gestacion)

Rated NR 91 minutes

Inspired by a true story, Gestación tells the story of Jessie and Teo. Jessie, a pretty and energetic 16 year old girl from the slums, daughter of a single, religious mother, has a scholarship to a conservative Catholic high school. Teo, an affectionate adolescent, only child of a strict professional, moves in upper middle class circles. Their carelessness and the hypocrisy of the adults will entangle them in the emotional whirlwind of their first love, which is suddenly tested. Jessie and Teo will inevitably face the consequences and the punishment of the Latin-American double standard.

Film Credits

Director: Esteban Ramírez

Writer: Esteban Ramírez and Walter Fernández

Cast: Adriana Alvarez, Edgar Roman, Natalia Arias, Abelardo Vladich and Maria Bonilla

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