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Geoff Koch

9 p.m. Tuesday, December 23. Off Broadway, 3509 Lemp Avenue.



St. Louis singer and songwriter Geoff Koch has collected an impressive local following (he won a People's Choice Award for his genre in the RFT's 2006 Music Awards) and his irrepressible sincerity is a large part of his appeal. In light of that, what's he doing with an album titled If It Feels Good, Don't Do It? Judging by Good's music, he's testing the Nashville Adult Album Contemporary waters. Recorded in Music City and produced by ex-Wilco drummer Ken Coomer, the record rocks harder and is looser than Koch's previous acoustic work, but it retains the unpolished vibrato of his everyman delivery. "It's not that I don't like peace, but violence is a friend of mine," he admits on the dense, Jakob Dylan-esque "Pro War." His confessions are sincere, all right — and at their best, the directness can disarm and chill you.