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Garden Like an Egyptian


This time of year, the closest you get to sand is watching the opening moments of Days of Our Lives — and those few hourglass particles don't exactly invoke the warm-weather vibe. But 50 tons of sand is enough for a whole beach! Or a replica of King Tut's tomb (natch). See the latter in progress all weekend when you visit the 30th annual St. Louis Builders Home & Garden Show at America's Center (North Eighth Street and Washington Avenue). Take in views of the massive sand sculpture Thursday through Sunday (February 22 through 25), and also watch cooking competitions with local chefs (from Super Smokers, Two Nice Guys and other eateries), tour designer rooms, check out landscaping supplies and much more. Admission to the show costs $4 to $9; for more information about specific show times and other activities (Ferris-wheel ridin') and displays (themed gardens), visit
Feb. 22-25