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Future Clouds & Radar

9 p.m. Monday, June 4. Off Broadway, (3509 Lemp Avenue)


Robert Harrison labored valiantly as the singer and guitarist of Cotton Mather, an Austin pop band that's still referenced in hushed tones despite (or because of) the band's failure to break out of obscurity. Harrison now leads Future Clouds & Radar, which picks up the Anglophilia of Cotton Mather and injects a double-shot of swirling psychedelia and carefully orchestrated horn and string sections. The band's self-titled, double-disc debut is stuffed with 27 tracks of Britpop guitar hooks, bubbly bass and regal trumpets, all under the sway of Harrison's Lennon-like vocals. "You Will Be Loved" indulges in an orchestral breakdown, while "Malice of Stars" layers found-sound clips and ricocheting drums on a bed of Mellotron flutes and harp glissandos.