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Furry Tails Can Come True


Everyone loves it when dogs are dressed up (except, maybe, for the dogs). Whether it's a simple sweater for warmth, or a tiny slinky sequined number, they're unarguably adorable. Humans have to put in a bit more effort to be fawned over, but we also tend to enjoy the primping process a bit more than our furry friends. So, instead of squeezing Fluffy into a tux again, doll yourself up for the 2012 Tacky Ball. Not only will your pup appreciate hanging out in his birthday suit, but proceeds from your dressed up evening of dancing, dinner and drinks will also benefit his less fortunate brothers and sisters via Support Dogs Inc. Join other pet-loving people for this year's Tacky Ball at the Hyatt Regency - St. Louis Riverfront (315 Chestnut Street) this Saturday, March 24, beginning at 6:30 p.m. For more information or to make a reservation, call 314-997-2325.
Sat., March 24, 2012