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Fumbling in the Dark

Nocturnal mission


The City Museum (701 North 15th Street; 314-231-2489 or is famous for its overwhelming visual stimuli. Everywhere you look in that joint, you see something amazing or mind-blowing, or both (maze-blowing?). How can you cope with the hyper-awesome onslaught? Get in there when the lights are off. Every Friday and Saturday, visitors who arrive after 10 p.m. are given a flashlight, which comes in handy roundabout 11 p.m. when the lights go out. Now the City Museum is a tower of shadowed wonder, and you can only see whatever fits in the golden disc of light cast by your electric torch. Creeping along Scooby-Doo fashion with a group of friends, you'll appreciate the architectural marvels and recycled treasures in a whole new light. You can bring your own flashlight if you prefer — maybe your miner's helmet or that mega-watt baby that casts a beam stronger than a lightsaber — and there's no need to panic if your batteries fail. The gift shop sells flashlights for just such emergencies. Closing time is 1 a.m., and admission after 5 p.m. is $10.
Fridays, Saturdays. Starts: Feb. 20. Continues through March 30, 2009