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Fuel the Renewal


Mmmm, sake. The buzz from the fermented-rice drink has a tendency to creep up and surprise Ms. Day, but does that stop her from enjoying the Japanese beverage? Heck, no! In fact, back when a certain most awesome club was open, Day could be spotted enjoying sake infusions straight out of the pitcher! Of course, nowadays she’s much more refined, so don’t expect to see her acting that crazy at Sake in the City, a party at the Drunken Fish (1 Maryland Plaza; 314-367-4222) that benefits the local volunteer-providing group Fuel. Admission to the party costs $10 and includes Asian apps at the beginning of the night, a glass of sake-Champagne and the tunes of DJ Ran Mano, a man rumored to also enjoy his sake (a lot). The fundraiser begins at 5:30 p.m.; find more information at
Tue., Sept. 11