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Friend vs. Friend


If reality TV shows have taught us anything, it’s that people love to know the unvarnished truth about their fellow humans’ private moments. That voyeuristic impulse is sure to be sated by The Steve and Chris Show. Steve Houldsworth and Chris Hartman are friends, but they’re not always sure why they are friends. Steve is older, overweight and single; Chris is young and swingin’ -- a real man’s man. Both men are gay, but is that the only common ground they share? The show is an improvised exploration of the roots and bonds of their friendship. The audience is invited to throw out suggestions about what the duo should talk about, how the pair should settle disputes or perhaps even fan the flames of those disputes. It’s an unfettered, unrated and unpredictable journey through friendship -- watch out for land mines. The Steve and Chris Show takes place at 10:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday (November 9 through 17) at the New City School Theatre (5209 Waterman Boulevard; 502-548-2430); the show follows hot on the heels of the Project Improv St. Louis Super-Form Show, which takes place at 9 p.m. on those same dates. You can buy tickets for individual performances ($10 to $12) or for both shows ($15 to $20), depending on your mood.
Fridays, Saturdays. Starts: Nov. 9. Continues through Nov. 17, 2007