Rated PG-13 100 minutes

Ondene Marchant is beautiful, talented and destined to major in law at Oxford. She's spent her whole life following demanding study plans laid down by her ambitious mother Hyacinth, a high powered barrister determined to push her only child to the top. But Ondene is desperate to live a little. She discovers freestyle basketball, and takes up the offer of lessons from the charismatic Leon. When Hyacinth finds out, she resolves to put an end to the relationship. Although Leon's fighting against the odds to educate himself, Hyacinth is convinced he is bad news because he lives in the projects--a place she escaped from long ago. As romance blossoms, the sweethearts face an uphill struggle with Hyacinth as they try to succeed in life and love.

Film Credits

Director: Kolton Lee

Writer: Michael Maynard

Producer: Lincia Daniel

Cast: Chris Wilson, Suzann McLean, Arinze Kene, Lucy Stanhope and Wolfgang Mwanje

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