Foul Gesture

Rated NR 100 minutes

Michael Klienhouse is your typical next-door neighbor, married with a child. One day, on the morning of the Holocaust Memorial Day, Michael runs into Dreyfus. Tamar, Michael's wife, has just flipped Dreyfus the finger, and Dreyfus deliberately hits the gas peddle of his car and runs into Michael's open door, almost hitting her. A law-abiding citizen, Michael hopes to resolve the situation with the help of the authorities, only to find out that the 60-year-old Dreyfus, an old war hero, is a violent man with connections and friends in high places. Michael, struggling with a personal crisis, finds it difficult to give up to the power, and the coming days become his own personal nightmare. However, dealing with the harsh and corrupt reality that endangers his life and liberty gives him a new sense of being.

Film Credits

Director: Tzahi Grad (Itshak Grad)

Writer: Gal Zaid and Yaacov Ayaly

Cast: Ania Bukstein, Asher Tzarfati, Gal Zaid, Keren Mor, Rivka Michael, Tal Grushka and Yaacov Ayaly

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