For Sale: 16 Over-the-Top Lake Houses at the Ozarks 

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We've got the whole summer ahead of us, so now is the time to get your hands on some prime real estate at the Lake of the Ozarks. We scoured the listings and found the sixteen of the most opulent amenities -- from indoor tiki bars to home theaters. Eh, we can dream.
OF 16
The cannonball potential is off the charts.
A living room with enough seating for everyone you've ever met.
Inclement weather won't rain on this indoor tiki bar's booze parade.
When you’re shelling out $2.2 million for a place, you can just invent your own pool shapes.
For when a two-tiered island just won't cut it.
An old-school television and a neon flamingo? Now you're talking!
For when you need some time alone...outside of your 14,500-square-foot house.
This bathroom says, "I like you enough to bathe with you, but there's no way in hell we're sharing a sink."
You'd think for $2.1 million they could patch up this wall.
Because having a tub without a chandelier overhead is straight-up plebeian.
This garage is nicer than the nicest room in our house.
The wood makes it good.
Weekend at Bernie's is even funnier at life-size.
Play shuffleboard and reminisce about...the building of the new Busch? Ah, the cranes.
We'd recommend pulling up the carpet prior to the beer-pong tourney.
The cannonball potential is off the charts.