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Foo Fighters

When: Wed., Aug. 19 2015

7 p.m. Wednesday, August 19. Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre, 14141 Riverport Drive, Maryland Heights. $42.50 to $75. 314-298-9944.

You couldn't stop Dave Grohl even if you tried. The Foo Fighters frontman is ubiquitous: Television, movies, documentaries, guest appearances on other artists' work, hanging out at your local grocery store, popping out of your cereal box in the morning, hiding under your bed as you sleep — the man is completely inescapable. Those suffering Foo-fatigue probably thought they would be awarded a brief respite when Grohl fell off a stage in Sweden during a concert in June. They thought wrong. Not only did he get back onstage and finish the show with a broken leg, he even went on to continue the tour, commissioning a giant Game of Thrones-style seat from which to perform.

Why Fight It? If you can't beat 'em — and in the case of Grohl and Co., you most certainly can't — why not join 'em? The Foos have an extensive catalog of hits and dependably put on a stellar performance that is well worth your time.

Daniel Hill

Price: $42.50-$75

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