Five Time Champion

Rated NR 92 minutes

While the young scientist, Julius, steadfastly researches the asexual reproduction of worms, his natural curiosity leads him to discover some inconvenient truths about those around him. He witnesses his mother's infidelity and suspects his grandfather for the same, all while he believes he is losing his best friend Shiley to a rival named Chase. These disappointments are at the fore as he wrestles with his father's mysterious departure years ago. Julius keeps a diligent eye, but unfortunately, all of his heartbreakingly acute observation seems to prove that no solution will restore the people he cares about to their appropriate roles. How can Julius hold together a family that seems as though none of its parts can stay intact?

Film Credits

Director: Berndt Mader

Writer: Berndt Mader

Producer: Ezra Venetos and Berndt Mader

Cast: Ryan Akin, Justin Arnold, Jill Blackwood, Shakei Brown and Betty Buckley

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