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Five: That's a Fun Age


At your fifth birthday party, you most likely wanted to wear your favorite articles of clothing (say, your pajamas and that plastic Snow White Halloween mask), you almost certainly tried to open your presents as soon as the (mostly nose-picking) guests arrived with them, and you probably pushed everyone out of the way so you could be the first to receive a balloon animal. And some things never change. Just kidding! We're sure that at Cinco de Miso, the fifth birthday party for Miso on Meramec (16 North Meramec Avenue, Clayton; 314-863-7888 or, you'll totally be patient while waiting to receive your copy of the new Miso Mix Series Volume 3 CD, featuring DJ Gary Mac. We're also confident you'll be dressed smartly — as soon as you put on your free, stylish Miso T-shirt, which is bound to become one of your faves. And, finally, we know that you will keep your fingers wrapped around your Effen cocktail and not let them stray, er, elsewhere — this is a classy event with drink specials and everything! The celebration starts at 9 p.m., and admission is free.
Thu., July 27