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First Party, Party First


Some native St. Louisans can really handle the summer heat. Maybe they were born with special ventilation systems or something. For those of us with the standard-issue sweat glands, now is the perfect time to Party in the Park (314-726-3033 or Generally the temps in May aren’t so bad — and even if they are, the concrete isn’t hot enough yet to fry an egg, so we’re good to go on heading to Shaw Park (South Brentwood and Forsyth boulevards, Clayton) for the first party of the season. At this one Kim Massie breaks it down Aretha-style, and the drinks, they will be a-flowin’ (as always). The fun happens from 5 to 8 p.m. (And for those always-cool-as-a-cucumber folks, the free events continue on the second Wednesday of the month through September, and each bash features a different band.)
Wed., May 13, 2009