Female (1933)

Rated NR 58 minutes

Ruth Chatterton tears up the screen in this fast-paced, lusty comedy. Alison Drake is an automobile magnate, a hard-nosed, hardboiled business woman making dozens of important decisions a day. In her private life, however, she is passionate and bold in her pursuit of male companionship, which she frequently finds among the ranks of her own employees and executives; the problem is that these men can't abide the fact that back at work, she's all business again; and she keeps having to get their long, mopey faces out of her presence by transferring them elsewhere. Then she meets Jim Thorne (George Brent), a gifted engineer who is attracted to Drake but isn't a callow, cowtowing yes-man, and isn't awed by her millions. After a few awkward encounters, they find a balance in their lives together, or so she thinks, until he proposes marriage -- she rejects him and he leaves. Alison decides to sacrifice everything to get him back, which leads to a long-distance chase across the country (and a reminder of what it was like driving cross-country before the interstate highway system existed) and a reconciliation.~ Bruce Eder, All Movie Guide

Film Credits

Director: Michael Curtiz

Cast: Ruth Chatterton, George Brent, Lois Wilson, Johnny Mack Brown and Ruth Donnelly

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